Meet the Girls

Hi! I'm Lilly! I'm the oldest of the family. I LOOOVE Harry Potter, photography, and comfy clothes. I'm really good at reading and history, they're my favorite subjects! I dance ballet, and I love doing people's hair, and SHOES!

Name: Lilly Hannah
Birthday: December 27
Favorite color: Purple and turquoise
Favorite animal: Penguins
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite book/book series: Harry Potter!!
Favorite TV show: Studio C
Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite song: Brave
Instrument: Piano
Type of AG: JLY #13
Favorite thing to do: Photograph, read, draw, and go SHOE SHOPPING!
Favorite hairstyle: I try to wear a new one every day!
Pet peeve: When people read over my shoulder. UGH!
I wish: For more wishes! :)
Pet: None right now...
Thoughts on school: Depends on the subject.
Favorite sport: Ballet!
Personality (by Leah): Lilly is the one who started it all! She's definitely the nerdiest of the girls, and probably the most responsible. She loves photography and reading, and has quite the impressive shoe collection. She's the one who jumps in first to try anything new, but is also a little shy.
Favorite season: Summertime!
Random fact: I LOVE doing peoples hair and wearing mine different ways. Also, I LOVE SHOES.
One word that describes me: Fun!

Hola! I'm Lexi! I'm the second oldest but I'm WAAAY bossier than Lilly. I love Pinterest, Diet Coke, shopping, and sparkles! I run cross country, and I play the clarinet! Pink is my FAVORITE color. I'm horrible at math and AWESOME at everything else. And I love staying up late and hate waking up early-- I am not a morning person

Name: Lexi Elizabeth
Birthday: December 27 (Lilly and I have the same birthday!)
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite animal: I know this sounds awful, but I actually don't like animals that much!
Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite book/book series: The Books of Bayern
Favorite TV Show: Studio C, like Lilly. (It's seriously awesome.)
Favorite movie: Freaky Friday
Favorite song: Shake It Off
Instrument: CLARINET!!!
Type of AG: MAG #57
Favorite thing to do: Pinterest! And SHOPPING!! It doesn't get any better than that!
Favorite hairstyle: Whatever works! My hair is super short!
Pet peeve: People who think they're better than everyone else.
I wish: That everyone was in band!
Pet: Coconut
Thoughts on school: Well there's only 24 hours in a day.....
Favorite sport: Cross country!!
Personality (by Leah): Lexi is my little popular girl. She loves shopping and sparkles, pink and Pinterest. She's a crazy shopper, and absolutely loves to be the star of the show. She totally has a geeky side, too, even though she doesn't show it that often. 
Favorite season: I like them all!
Random fact: I'm allergic to peanut butter.
One word that describes me: Fabulous!

Hi! I'm Brittany! I have the best pets EVER, Licorice and Chocolate Chip! I love animals, nature, and swimming. I play the flute, too! I love meeting new people and I think boys are lame. I'm always busy, and I am a total morning person--why miss out on the day?

Name: Brittany Brooke
Birthday: July 12
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Dolphins!
Favorite food: Fruit salad
Favorite book/book series: Ever After High
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Favorite song: We Are Never Getting Back Together
Instrument: Flute
Type of AG: MAG #37
Favorite thing to do: Swim. All day, every day!
Favorite hairstyle: Down with two braids pulled back
Pet peeve: Boys.
I wish: I could swim more!!
Pet: Licorice and Chocolate Chip
Thoughts on school: It's OK, I guess...
Favorite sport: Uh, swimming...
Personality (by Leah): Brittany is my nature girl and my artist. She's very no-nonsense and blunt, but she's also very loyal and sweet. She loves her animals (and Lexi's), and she really could care less what she looks like. She sometimes acts a little less mature than the other girls, but they all love her to pieces anyway.
Favorite season: Summa!
Random fact: I'm SUPER competitive. I hate losing, especially to Lexi!
One word that describes me: Outgoing
Post color: Blue

Hi! I'm Ali! I love shopping, Starbucks and selfies. Double chocolate chip frappuccinos are the BEST! I don't own nearly as many hoodies as I would like, but I do have plenty of skater skirts.  I'm a cheerleader, and also a professional fangirl. 

Name: Allison Hazel
Birthday: July 24
Favorite color: Mint green!
Favorite animal: Elephants! Someday I plan to own one.
Favorite food: Mint chocolate brownies. And double chocolate chip frappuccinos!
Favorite book/book series: The Hunger Games
Favorite TV show: Doctor Who!!!
Favorite movie: How To Train Your Dragon 2. Or every Harry Potter movie. Ever.
Favorite song: Let It Go!
Instrument: Zip! I play none!
Type of AG: GOTY 2014 Isabelle
Favorite thing to do: Shop. Or go to Starbucks. Or stalk Instagram. Take your pick.
Favorite hairstyle: I look good in every hairstyle *hair flip* no but really, I like messy buns.
Pet peeve: When things are on sale and they're still over $20.
I wish: That I owned every Bath and Body Works scent.
Pet: I'm with Lilly on this one...none!
Thoughts on school: Uhhhhhhhh
Favorite sport: I'm a cheerleader!
Personality (by Leah): Ali is my fandom girl, my confident girl, and my typical-teenage-girl. She loves mint green, Starbucks, selfies, and shopping, but she also loves Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and hoodies, and yoga pants. She's completely confident and totally brushes off any insults. The only things that can make her cry is the death of a fictional character.
Favorite season: Fall. Starbucks and season premieres!
Random fact: My hair is way thicker than it looks.
One word that describes me: Confident!
Post color: Coral (Blogger doesn't have mint green.)


  1. Your dolls are so pretty :)

  2. I love your dolls :) I have Lilly too, but mine is named Lindsey.

    1. Cool! It took a while to get her hair under control, lol

  3. I have both of your dolls! Not Brittany though.

    1. That's cool! #13 is really popular, I guess. ;)

  4. Just noticed that Lexi loves Pinterest. Yah, I do too :) I think she's my favorite personality. Except for the fact that had doesn't like animals... I ♥ animals :)

  5. Brittney is so pretty

  6. Tottaly in with Lilly, Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series i love all your dollies!!!!!!!! :P

  7. Hey Leah I have never actually been to your blog, but... it is so cute! Your dolls are really beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It was so fun making it. And-- oh here's everyone.

      Lilly: Thank you so much June! Although, that picture makes my hair look lots better than it actually is....
      Lexi: I agree. I'm gorgeous. lol
      Brittany: Yep, I'm a natural beauty.
      Ali: Thanks! I don't look so hot right now though...

      Thanks girls.

  8. Your dolls are gorgeous. I adore Lexi's picture; just beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks, Adi! I really love that picture too. I just kinda laid her down on the grass and her hair swooped I went with it.

  9. Your dolls are so cute!!! They all have such adorable, unique personalities. And I relate to Allison Hazel on a spiritual level. xD

  10. ...I relate to Ali on a spiritual level. XD

      But yes. I relate to Ali on a spiritual level too.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I have 5 AG dolls too! I am still hoping to collect more,though. I want grace and I have a suprise coming you can check out on my blog!

  12. My favorites are Brittany and Lexi. I play the flute, am terrible at math (thank goodness there's no more school. For now) and I LOVE pink!

  13. Emma: LLLEEEEXXXIII!!!!! WE ARE TWINS!!!! WE ARE BOTH #57!!!!!!!


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