Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello everyone! I have a big surprise for you--this week is beauty week on ToDOLLy Awesome! I have fun hairstyles, reviews and crafts planned, it's going to be awesome! So here's a fun photostory to kick off Beauty Week.....

"Whew, finally done with all that homework!"

"Oh hi Lexi! You're home!"
"Hi! Do you want to come to the spa with me? I texted Lilly to see if she wanted to come, too."

"Sure, just let me get my shoes and purse."
"OK, I'm ready!"
"Great! Aww, Lilly just said she can't come because she's at work. Oh well. Let's go!

"I think this is it."
"Shouldn't there be a worker here.......?"

"Hello ladies, my name is Lilly and I'll be your stylist today!"


"How come you didn't tell us you'd be working here?"
"I wanted it to be a surprise! Now, what can I do for you girls today?"
"Well I wanted a soak in the hot tub."
"And I would like your super-secret-special-shiny hair treatment please!"
"OK! Brittany, you sit here, and Lexi, the tub is all ready!

*soooooooooo relaxed*

"First let's comb out your hair...."

"And now we put our super-secret-special-shiny hair treatment oil in your hair. Then we wait fifteen minutes for it to set."

*now asleep*


"What do you think?"
"OMIGOSH, I love it!"

"OK, Lexi, time's up."

"W-what? Oh, okay."

"Thanks for visiting the Star Spa! Oh, and here's a free sample of our shampoo!"
"Thanks Lilly!" "Bye!"

So sorry for some of the HORIBBLE pictures. I just got a new doll room (YAY) but there's no windows (BOO) so I had to use the flash. I haven't figured it all out yet.

Stay tuned for the rest of beauty week! Stay fabulous!

Love, Leah

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