Friday, March 28, 2014

Photostory: Fashion Show!

Hello! Here is the long-awaited photostory. Enjoy!

"Guys, I'm SO bored I'm going to die. Help me think of something to do!"

"Um...we could go roller skating?"

"Nah, we did that last week. What if we gave the pets a bath?


"Okay, okay. Then what should we do?"

"I know! Let's have a fashion show!"

"Move, Coconut, I almost stepped on you!" "Can you hand me that hair clip?" "Hey Lexi, I found your tutu!"


"Okay, everyone's ready! I'll go first."


"I call this outfit "Beach Fun. It's perfect for the beach!"

"Fabulous, Lilly!" "I love it!"

"Kay, my turn!"

"I named this'A Night in Paris!' Doesn't it look good?"

"Oooh, fancy! Your turn, Brittany!"

"I didn't really name my outfit...I just had fun with it!"

"I love your hat!" "Hurray, my missing tutu!"

"Okay, now we need to decide the winner.."


*whisper whisper whisper*

"Okay, we've decided! And the winner is..."


Hope you enjoyed this photostory!

Love, Leah

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