Monday, May 26, 2014

AGD Time Talent Audition 2

Hi everyone! Lilly here! So after Brittany told me about the talent show, I sooooo wanted to enter. Momma said I could, too, but two entries was the limit, so Lexi can't audition. Dang it.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, I decided to enter my talent as photography! I'm actually getting pretty good! A couple days ago Lexi and I were bored, so we had a little photoshoot outside.

don't tell momma that Lexi climbed the fence!


I love this one!

I stood on my tippytoes to take this picture

I had to lay down to get this one

So that's my talent show audition! Lexi and I really had a fun time taking the photos. And she kinda got to participate in the talent show, too!!

Happy Memorial  Day!


  1. Sorry I made the limit 2! You are a great photo-grapher Lilly! Thanks for auditioning, look out for the Talent show hopefully tomorrow.

  2. You are a great photographer Lilly! I love the 5th pic :D


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