Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GOTY 2015

No, I don't have any spoilers. Don't get excited. ;)

I've been thinking a LOT lately about GOTY 2015--with all the negativity about Isabelle, I'm wondering what AG will do next. This is what I want: 

She'll have dark skin, the Josefina face mold, the Saige wig in dark brown, almost black, and bright, sparkling blue eyes. Her name---Lyla Dillon. She loves shopping, especially with her big cousin, Elizabeth. She helps out in her parent's ice cream shop after school. She lives in small Richland, Washington. 

Lyla would be a bright, outgoing girl excited about entering sixth grade and learning how to play the clarinet. But before school starts, tragedy strikes: her two best friends move away. Lyla enters middle school scared and nervous, and the year starts off horrible. But her cousin Elizabeth helps her, and as she learns about music, she realizes how much she loves it and how it's changing her. She learns how to crawl out of her shell through her music, and makes two new friends: Alexis, a fun, feisty, trumpet player, and Brooke, a quiet flute player (who is Korean) that recently transferred to Lyla's school. The three girls become best friends and enter the talent show together with their instruments. They work hard, and end up winning the grand prize-- a trip to NYC!

Her meet outfit:


What you do you think? I'm actually kind of in love with this idea!
YOU will get to share YOUR fabulous ideas for GOTY 2015 with me in
  • Email me at todollyawesome@gmail.com with GOTY 2015 story, name, and appearance. You can do a meet outfit too, if you want.
  • Each entry will be treated like a post.
  • Email me by MAY 20.
  • Put subject line as GOTY 2015.
  • Make sure to give me your name or nickname so I can tell the people who you are. If you don't, you can't win.
I'll pick my favorite entry....you, lucky winner, will get a very exclusive award to put on your blog! I'll be running this once every year, so yeah. Exclusive.
I know this contest seems a little early in the year to be running, but I wanted to do it before spoilers came out.
p.s. many will enter, few will win ;).


  1. I like your version of GOTY 2015! I hope I can enter!

    1. Thanks! Sooooo looking forward to your email!

  2. Cool! I'll see what I come with...

  3. I might enter.... I'm thinking of an idea now!

    1. I have a question. Can I take one of my dolls personality and look but make up a background story and new meet outfit?

  4. I love your idea! Just my style ;) BTW, I've nominated you for the MagNeoBio award. http://thedazzlingdollies.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/magneobio-award-d/

  5. Cool! I really like how much thought you put into that! And the meet outfit was SO CUTE! I would totally get that doll. :)

  6. I'll enter soon! Sounds cool!


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