Tuesday, June 3, 2014

21 Days of Fabulous Day Four: Review of Etsy Shop Closet4Chloe

Hellooooo everyone! Today I'll be doing a review of the AWESOME Etsy shop Closet4Chloe. In case you were wondering, this is what we ordered last week, along with one other item which we'll review later. And also we have a confession to make: These actually got here Friday......and we're just now doing a review! But we wanted to save until we kinda got into the swing of things. 

Let's get started!

The first thing we purchased is this awesome Paris crop top! Both Momma and I love Paris, so we knew the minute we saw this that we had to have it. And, it's Momma's favorite color, mint green!

It comes down pretty far, just above the tag on our sides. 

It has nice thick straps.

The Paris decal is on really nicely, and it looks way cute! The top is the prettiest shade of green. Oh, and we forgot to take a picture, but the back closes with velcro.

The other thing we bought from this shop are these adorable shorts! When Momma first saw these online, she wasn't a big fan, but they grew on her, and us! We love them!

The side of the shorts.

The top of the shorts come up pretty high. The velcro is in the front, which we've never seen before, and don't really love, but hey, whatever. 

We really love these shorts, except for one thing: we can't sit down in them without showing way more than we want to!

Overall we are super glad we bought these things! We love them! We definitely recommend the Etsy shop Closet4Chloe, go check it out!!
Oh, and guess what? We may go to the AGP Houston Friday afternoon! Momma has a couple things she wants to get there. So, if you live near the AGP Houston, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you!!!!! ♥ 



  1. I love the top, but I wish it wasn't a crop top. It would look better as a normal length top.

    1. Yeah, we think so too. Oh well, we can always wear a tank top under it!

  2. Cool purchases! I think the first outfit matches well, but I prefer the outfit with the shorts.

    1. Thanks, we love them! Funny story actually, we only have like two shirts that go with the shorts. So we're glad you like it!


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