Thursday, June 26, 2014

NEW AG ITEMS!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaaay! I'm in loooooove with almost everything in this release!! I'm way more satisfied with this month's than last months.

Just FYI, I'm going to be going through a lot of the new items, so buckle up!

Oooh! I actually really like this. It's another good performance outfit for Isabelle, one that doesn't scream "BALLET!" I do think the top is a little too shiny, but I would definitely consider buying this if I ever need a performance outfit.

Hmmmm. First let me just say that this was a brilliant release from AG because I've seen things similar to these outfits at Target and The Children's Place. I could go to Target right now and make an outfit almost exactly like this one. That said.....NONE OF THIS MATCHES. American Girl, even if things don't exactly match, they need to coordinate, darlings. This doesn't coordinate. All that aside, I do like this for its individual pieces, just not for myself. The only reason I would get this would be as a present for my little sister.

My first thought when I saw this was "yuck." But it's actually kind of grown on me. I really like the cut of the hoodie, and the leggings are really great. I like the blue shoes, too, I don't have any good blue shoes. I'm probably going to buy this, but I'm not going to wear the pieces all together.

OH. OW. MY EYES!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Shoes-good. Everything else-WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? There was absolutely no need for that blue shirt thingy. Or the purple skirt, they should have kept it pink or blue in my opinion. And the heart decal is totally random.

Hey, I like this one! Again, it looks like something you could find in the Girl's section of Target. I like how the belt, blazer and t-shirt aren't attached. I don't like the jeans, I hate jeans with decals on them. The shoes-blech. So I like the top half, but they could have done better on the bottom half. I would've ditched the decals and made the shoes sparkly to match the belt.

I like these. I would've made the tank top pink, though. Actually, the top would make a really cute day shirt.

Oh, hello, #61! Haha. But I actually really do like this set. It's nice how it's not Innerstar U. And I like how you can wear the shorts and t-shirt under the dress, or wear them as a warm up outfit. If Lexi ever decides to take up cheerleading, I'll be picking this up.

I actually really like this, though I wouldn't wear it myself. I think the skateboard is really cute, and I love the color combination.

Um...yeah. I'm glad they added this for girls that do karate. I myself don't do karate, so I can't tell you much about this set. It looks pretty good.

EEEEEEEEEK I LOVE IT!! It doesn't look a thing like a camping outfit. That's not what you wear camping, AG. BUT nevertheless, I LOVE IT. I just love everything about it. This will be making an appearance here very soon.


Cute cute cute! This really does look like a fun Halloween costume. Also, the shoes and shirt could be worn just for regular day outfits. Soo, I like this, but not enough to buy it.

I like the general idea of this set, but they could've executed it a little better. Honestly, it just seems like a travel-size version of her dance case. But this is really cute, and would be a great accessory for stopmotions or a decoration in a bedroom.

I really, really like the color combination on this. The pattern is really cute too. I like this sleeping bag better than the old one, it was very blah in my opinion. It does seem a little too fancy to take camping, though. (AG people, how many of you have actually been camping?)

YES! I totally did NOT see these coming, but I think it was a brilliant move from AG. It's really smart to have the highlights in different colors. I hope they come out with more variations!

See those braids in her hair? Well, for $15, you can get them. OOOOOOOOOOR you could braid your doll's hair for free. Um, yeah.

OOOOH! I actually really like this set! It's super cute, and $28 ain't bad for all that. YET AGAIN, it looks like real school supplies. Well, not the ruler fairy wand thing. But I feel like AG is getting better at making items that look realistic.

Nice! HERE IS SOMETHING YOU COULD CAMP WITH!!! I looove the beanie. The trail mix is really cute, but it's kind of a blinding shade of green. Yep. Everything else is great.

YAY! I'm so glad they added an earring tree that you don't have to buy with $80 worth of shelves. I might get this, I keep losing Lexi's earrings :P


I love this too!! It kinda reminds me of Mia's bed. It''s awesome!! If I ever did get it, I wouldn't buy the bedding, just buy the bed and sew my own stuff.

This is awesome!! It looks sooo realistic. I just love the tiny alarm clock. But....$58.....woooow.

Then there was all the pet stuff, which I thought was great. I'm just a little burned out. ;)

What do you think of the new items?


  1. I love most everything, but not all. I actually am not a huge fan of Isabelle's new outfit, but I don't hate it. It actually might grow on me, but not for $36 :/
    And I LOVE MAG #61! She's so cute! I literally can not wait until my birthday! And on that day, I will become bankrupt :P

    1. Yeah, I didn't like it at first, but it's kinda grown on me....

      Yep, the AGP can do that to ya.

  2. I like some of the outfits, but I love all the new accessories! :) MAG #61 is cute, but I already have Saige and there too similar for me. My favorite new item is the backpack. I just LOVE it! :D

    ~ Mint

    1. I've been considering #61, I didn't get Saige and she was really pretty. Hmmmmm. Yep, and the backpack is ADORBS!

  3. I agree on the dress thing... At first I thought it was a Bitty Baby Outfit! Mag #61 is pretty, I kinda want her :)

    1. I know! Event though I probably won't get her, she's still really cute.

  4. I really like the pets and mag 61

    1. I like the pets, but I'm sad that Coconut's gone. And I agree, #61 is totes adorbs!!

      I couldn't find your blog to get your button, what's the address?

  5. my blog address is


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