Wednesday, July 2, 2014

21 Days of Fabulous Day Ten: HAIRSTYLES

Hola! How is everyone? We are doing fabulous as always lol..

So. Today are going to be talking about HAIRSTYLES, which are second only to shoes on the fabulous-o-meter! That's pretty high up there, let me tell you. Anywhozit, let's get ready to ruuuummble!

Isn't this AWESOME?! Momma found it on Pinterest a couple weeks back, and she figured that if this hairstyle card teach eight year olds how to fishtail braid, then it could teach her....and she was right!! Since I'm the only one with hair that's actually long enough to braid, I have sported some quite fantastic fishtail braids lately.

The sock bun! One of my favorite hairstyles, like, ever. If you click here, there's a really awesome tutorial on how to do it.

Oooh! Super CUTE! You can wear this as a headband, or us it as a fancy hair tie!! Awesome, right? I thik yes.

Ponytails are my staple hairstyle; I wear them ALL THE TIME! There's a link here with a tutorial on how to do ponytails, like AMAZINGLY!!



  1. Great hairstyle ideas. I am totally going to do the sock bun on my dolls!

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to try it out!
      ♥ Lilly

  2. Hi! I LOVE doing hair! Love the giant sock bun!
    Zoë from - -


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