Saturday, July 12, 2014


We interrupt this 21 Days of Fabulous stuff for...


Boy it feels good to post again!

Anyway, my day started off like this....

"Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you....."

"Oh! Hi guys! You didn't have to do this!" I was super surprised.

"No kidding. Lilly made me wake up waaaay to early for this," said Lexi.

" you go, Brittany!" said Lilly. She grabbed a tray off the dresser.

"Yum! Thanks!" 

We chatted while I ate my breakfast.....

and then it was time for PRESENTS!

"Here you go, Brit!" Lexi handed me her gift.

"Nice wrapping job!"

"Why, thank you."

"It's Frozen and a new Ever After High poster!! Thank you sooooo much!"

"No problemo! Although it took me forever to find a poster that you didn't already have."

"Ok, my turn!" said Lilly. 

"Woah, this is ginormous! What did you get me, a bear or something?"

"Omigosh, Lilly, these are gorgeous! I can't wait to wear them!"

"You're welcome! Every girl needs to have a pair of fancy shoes."

"I'll say!"

"So what now?"

"Now you get ready to have the most fabulous day of your life!"

About half an hour later we were all dressed and stuff.

"Wow, Brittany, you look super cute! I love your hair like that!" Lexi said.

"Thanks, Lilly did it. So what's the game plan, girlies?"

Lilly and Lexi looked at each other.

"Oh, you'll're going to have the best day EVER!"

And oh my goodness, she was right!

First we went to the mall, and I have to hand it to Lexi, she did a really good job of not taking over.

 Then it was lunchtime, so we went to this adorable little cafe. They gave me a free piece of birthday cake. It was awesome. 

Next we booked it over to the movie theater and saw Maleficent, which was AMAZING!! Totally blew me away!

Finally, we went to Incredible Pizza for dinner and games. They had this super fun little photo booth that I may have taken pictures in three or four times. Maybe.

Anyway, here's the pictures from the photobooth!

It was seriously one of the BEST DAYS EVER! Soooooo fun! 

I'm off to go finish my free birthday cake! ;)


Don't cuss. It's not ladylike.