Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Liebster Award (it's different this time!)

Hi guys! So a few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by G.P.L of Lord's Girls! Yay, thank you! I'm actually really excited about this award, so let's get started!!

Here are the rules: 
-Post eleven facts about yourself
-Answer eleven questions that the person who nominated you asks, and then ask eleven questions yourself for whoever you nominated.
-Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post.
-Let those people know that they have been tagged-and no tag backs.

Alrighty now, I'm gonna do the questions first: 

1.What do you want to see more on my blog?
Ummmm...I don't know. 
2.If you had a choice between wearing forest green for a whole year or eating shrimp 3 times a day for a week, which would you choose?
Aargh, hate both. Erm, probably wearing Forest green for a year. Yuck. 
3.Frozen or Tangled?
Don't even ask me that. 
4.You go to the store with your friend in a hurry to buy your other friend a b-day present before the party. You grab a gift that she would like and you hurry to the cash register. The present is $17.96. You add up your money with your friend and realize you only have $16.73. You only have 10 more minutes until the party starts. What would you do? 
Run and grab another present, and if all else fails, buy Rolos. 
5.What would you do if your internet connection was not working and you promised your friend that you would email her in 15 minutes?
Call her on my moms cell phone and tell her the problem! 
6.Sprite or Rootbeer?
Root beer! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum
7.What is your favorite holiday?
Uh, Christmas......but I also really like Thanksgiving. And my birthday. Basically any holiday where there's food and/or presents. ;)
8.Have you ever seen Ender's Game?
9.Have you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
Another no. 
10.Are you a tom-boy or a girlie-girl?
Girly girl! 
11.Would you rather wear a sleeve-less violet-purple dress that goes down to your ankles, or a sleeve-less red tank top with black shorts in the summer?
I don't wear sleeveless tops, so neither......but if the dress had sleeves, I would totally wear that! 


  • I go shopping even when I don't have money, which is a terrible thing to do and none of you should ever try it.
  • To date, no one has been able to tell me the exact color of my hair.
  • I cannot for the life of me tan.
  • I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Sooooo good.
  • I'm kind of addicted to owning Sharpies. Which is weird because I lose them really fast. 
  • I just bought some new shoes today.
  • I ask for notebooks for Christmas and then don't know what to do with them when I get them.
  • We have to have clear backpacks this year and I'm telling you: it's slow torture.
  • But at least we don't have to wear collared shirts anymore. 
  • My phone case is lime green with hot pink zebra stripes. Ya, I like to keep it classy. ;)
  • My Blogger profile picture is like my favorite quote ever.
It's late, and I really don't feel like nominating eleven people. So, first eleven people to comment get the award. 

Get ready....

Get set...



    1. Congrats on the award! I loved reading the eleven facts ;) clear backpoack do indeed sound like slow tourture...I'm so sorry...


      1. Thanks! It was fun thinking of them.

        Yep, they're horrible.

    2. Congrats on the award! I enjoyed reading your 11 facts too. I can't tan either so you are not alone on that one! I also LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. What? Clear backpacks!? That's ridiculous! :(

      ~ Mint

      1. Thanks! Ya, it's really lame. But chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is the bomb.

    3. Congrats on the award! I'm not sure if I tan, or if my skin is just an olive color like my dad's. But I do get sunburn... alot XD
      I've never heard of a clear backpack. That's weird.

      1. I'll put a picture up sometime. They're weird.

    4. I can't tan, either! Although, this summer, my shoulders got pretty tan! And, I don't have a blog, so don't give the award to me!

      1. Ok! Yeah, it's usually just my poor shoulders.......

    5. Congrats on the award! Clear backpacks do sound like slow torture, and no one has been able to tell me the exact color of my hair either. :)

      1. It's sooooooooooo annoying. Ya, my hair is really weird, it's mostly brown, but it has darkish reddish highlights and then some blonde too......

    6. Wow, we're really alike. I can't tan at all either, I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream too, my favorite soda is root beer, and I'm not aloud to wear sleeveless tops either :) clear backpacks do seem like slow torture, that really stinks. :/
      (By the way, if I take the award, what questions do I answer?)
      ~ Abigail

      1. Whoops, sorry! Um, you can take the ones I answered on this post or use questions I've asked for past awards.

        That's so cool! I wanna meet you!!!

      2. Okay!
        Yeah, that would be SUPER cool!!! Maybe we could plan a meet-up at an AGP some day :)

      3. Yes! Which AGP do you live closest to?!

      4. Well, the only way I could go a meet-up is just by hoping that it was near me. I can't tell people were I live.


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