Monday, August 4, 2014

The Story of Ali

It started with the shoes...

When I first saw Isabelle, I liked her and all, but I hadn't really gotten back into AG yet. I knew that if I wanted another doll, I would have to pay for her with my own money, and I didn't really want to spend $120.  Honestly, the thing that got me hooked on Izzy was her shoes. I mean, sparkly gold oxfords?! I had to have them! 

Then I discovered the AG blogging world, and there were tons of photos of Isabelle. She was so cute when she wasn't just a stock photo! I decided to ask for her for Christmas. 

When I started my blog, I wanted Isabelle more than ever. I knew I probably wouldn't get her for Christmas, because she would most likely be sold out. Thus began the long and tedious process of saving up for her. I had this grand plan that I would save hard until summer when we visited Seattle, and buy her there. 

But, of course, other expenses came up....urgent expenses of course. Clothes from Etsy...a new sweater...AG stuff.....Was my dream going to happen after all? 

But as you know, it did, and here we are with Ali. 

A few weeks before I bought her, I started toying with the idea of changing her name. I didn't really love the name Isabelle, and Lilly already danced ballet. I didn't need another ballet dancer-I just needed the doll. 

The night before I went to the AGP to get her, I was deciding whether to rename her or not. I decided yes, I would. Then came the process of deciding a name....finally I decided on Allison, after my best friend Ali, and Hazel because I just really love that name. 

Oh and today on our drive home (day 1 of 5) I worked on Ali's personality for a looong time. Here's a sneak peak...

See you later my lovelies! 


  1. I love her personality! Ali is a great name, too.

    1. Thanks! Believe me, I worked on both for a while....

  2. I like the name Ali alot! I think it really suits her :)

  3. Allison Hazel is an awesome name! :D

    ~ Mint

  4. I loved reading about the story of Ali, my doll Ali wanted to tell your Ali that she has a fabulous name ;)


  5. Have fun making her personality! I love making a personality for a new doll. I like her shoes too.
    - Zoë from

  6. Have fun creating all your adventures with Ali. She's great!
    I hope you don't mind that I used her as an example in my July catalog post - the way you chose to change her name. Very inspired.

    1. That's no problem at all! I'm totally honored. Thanks!


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