Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vintage Pretty

So, sorry for my absence. After Runaway Princess last week, I had to get ready for my best friend's visit. She moved to Oklahoma about a year ago, and for my birthday my parents got her a plane ticket to visit for the long weekend. 


But that's a story for another day. 

Anyway, I've got another photoshoot all ready, and another one planned. Also, I want to finally do a dollhouse tour. Just need to tidy it up. 

Okie dokie then, enjoy these photos and have a lovely day.

p.s. I got a new camera for Christmas. Totally forgot to telly you until now. Can you guess what kind it is? 


  1. Those pictures are so cute!! Those socks are so cute too! Her whole outfit is so cute!;) I can't wait for the new photoshoots! You always have such great pictures!:)

  2. Great outfit and great photos. Can you give us more details on the outfit? Where did all the pieces come from?

  3. I nominated you for an award!!!
    Ella xoxo

  4. Her outfit looks adorable! :) i love her socks and shoes. I am actually saving up to go see my bestie this summer after 2 years. :/

  5. These photos are so adorable and neat. Glad you had fun with your friend.^-^

  6. Oooh!!! Pretty! I love her outfit! :)


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