Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Thoughts #1: Ali

**this series is one hundred percent inspired by adi so go follow her lovely self if you haven't yet**

So, as I've been reading through my blog lately, I realized that you really don't have much of an insight into the girls' personal life. And for me, that's a huge part of the fun of this community. I just love it.

So every Monday (mostly) there will be a new Family Thoughts, with everybody's opinions on current events, favorites, and of course, family members. 
Since Ali is the youngest, I decided we'd start with her. 

brace yourselves. 


Lexi: Ali's super cool. She actually likes to go shopping with me...unlike SOME people I know.

Brittany: Well it's not my fault that dragging myself through Forever 21 looking for knee socks isn't fun.

Ali: Um, except that it is fun! Searching for something is like half the excitement of shopping. Also you find a lot of neat stuff while you're looking.

Lexi: Thank you, Allison.
*high five*

Lilly: Ali is an amazing person to geek out with. She makes me hot cocoa sometimes when I'm reading and the feels are JUST TOO FREAKING MUCH.

Ali: Chocolate helps everything.


Brittany: Ali was a really fun person to shoot The Runaway Princess with. She was always super positive about all her crazy hairstyles and costumes.
She was even down with getting dirt rubbed all over her face. 

Lilly: That was a weird episode.

Lexi: Yeah, I didn't envy Ali one bit when she got ready to shoot that one.

Ali: Wasn't that hard to act exhausted though cause we woke up at eight to shoot it and I stayed up till like three watching Aspen Heights.

Lexi: Hashtag Ali's fangirl life.

Ali: Like you've never stayed up late watching YouTube videos.

Lexi: No comment.

Lilly: Ali has amazing hair. It's SO shiny.

Ali: She never leaves me alone trying to style it.


Brittany: One thing about Ali is that she's an amazing friend. Like if you text her at eleven pm after a horrible day she will get you from your bedroom and take you to Taco Bell.

Lexi: Also she volunteers to beat people up for you which is really sweet but in reality she couldn't hurt a fly. 

Ali: It's true.

Lilly: She texts back so fast it's unreal. No human being has their phone on them that much of the time.


Lexi: Ali's EXTREMELY photogenic. She literally never looks bad.

Ali: You obviously haven't seen me after I finish a book.

Lilly: That's different.

Lilly: She's got the weirdest fashion sense, one day she'll be wearing a miniskirt and scarf and the next day she'll be wearing leggings and a hoodie.

Ali: It's called 'Indecisive Chic', thank you very much.

Brittany: Otherwise known as you never decide what to wear until ten minutes before we have to leave. 

Ali: Precisely. 

Lexi: We all really love Ali, she's just an amazing person. 

Ali: Aww, thanks guys.

Brittany: See you next week with the next edition of Family Thoughts!



  1. I could cry; thank you for giving me credit. *showers you in flower petals and everything you love*
    This was really funny, and I think I adore Ali even more now. If such a thing is possible. ;)
    xo Adi

  2. This is so cute! Ali sounds like such a fun gal. ; )

  3. I love this series! I can't wait for the next one!!!:)

  4. I love it! Your girlies are just so cute and hilarious, Leah ^_^ Man, you have a good sense of humor! xD
    BTW, those pics are just adorbs, girl :D

  5. Love the new layout/design of your blog.

    These family thoughts were neat. Keep up the good work.

  6. I loved reading everyone's thoughts about Ali, it sounds like she is a very interesting doll! And yes, I think Ali is awesome and completely photogenic ;)

  7. Ohmigosh I loved this!!! Ali is my favorite doll of yours :) Anyways, Kit wants to comment, so I think I will let her.

    *HEY!!!!! Ermagerd Ali you are so pretty. And guess what? We share the same fashion sense! Thumbs up for indecisive chic! Also, don't worry about staying up late every night watching youtube, thats exactly what I do. I love the ecliptic curse and I could totally start fangirling right now but I won't. Anyways, gotta wrap this comment up, but if I'm having a bad day I'll text you and we can go to Taco Bell together. I think I'll be grumpy on Monday, how about you?*


  8. I just found your blog and I <3 it! Funny I read this there was a little speck of dirt on my screen, so when I read "Ali was a really fun person to shoot The Runaway Princess with." I thought the speck was a period after "shoot", and so I read, "Ali was a really fun person to shoot." Eek! No shooting Ali!!! I love your doll's personalities SO much, I think I may do this.


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