Monday, June 29, 2015

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Blogger


Here I am. 

I am the worst doll blogger on the face of the earth. 

But before I make chipper, cheery promises about posting again, I want to say something. 

I wasn't posting because I didn't have time. Sure, I had time. I even took photos once or twice, but it would always end in me dropping a doll on the ground in frustration and cursing myself for not being as creative as I should be. There was nothing that I really wanted do with my dolls, either. I was perfectly content to leave them in their same hairstyles, outfits, and position for two months. 

I had no inspiration and no confidence. 

And tbh, I still don't. 

But I still love you guys, and I'm still here. I'm on vacation right now, but I'll do my best to think of some stuff to do when I get back. I might just have to take a long break. Who knows. We'll see. 

Just remember me until I come back, so that I'll have something to come back to. 

Thank you, and goodnight. 

*drops mic* 


  1. Don't apologize! I can completely empathize with you! I just finished a "guilty-post' over at my blog!

  2. aw, leah...<3 don't apologize, mate, i think we can all relate in some way and understand what you're going through. i hope you have the best time during the remainder of your vacation. :) take your time coming back, don't try to pressure yourself. :3 until next time--


  3. Hi! You're not the worst blogger ever. That is reserved for the person who opens a blog, creates one post and never returns.

    Ah, yes, writer's block. It happens to everyone. :) Take your time, relax, destress, understand there is no pressure from any of us with regards to the number of posts. Post when the spirit moves you to. And with regards to hair and outfits...I'm sure you wear the same outfit again in two months, right? ;-) Who's to say they didn't feel like wearing that "again." Maybe it is a favorite.

    You're doing great! Love the drawing with this post. Do what makes you happy.

  4. Man, oh, man - it's no fun when comments disappear. I forget if you moderate or if they go straight through. :( So this is a test. :)

  5. You're not the worst blogger at all!!
    Dear, we all lose inspiration sometimes. While it can be frustrating to you, just know that we all stand by you and understand. This is your blog, not ours. Post when you feel it's right. :)
    Don't worry about it, and take as much time as you need. <3

  6. Don't worry! Enjoy vacation and post when you feel like it. I am so busy right now that a few of the dolls are still wearing outfits from two months ago and I have no time to change them :)

  7. Hi! I was checking in on the blogs we like to visit and saw the art work for this post again. I love it and had to comment to let you know that you are still being thought of. Best wishes in all your endeavors!


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