Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AG Wishlist

Hi everyone! I was hoping to post a photostory today, but I didn't take the pictures until after it got dark, so I had to use the flash. Yuck. We'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I decided to show you my want list from American Girl!

OH IT'S SO AWESOME. I just LOVE it! So detailed, pretty colors, good food. It would be an awesome prop in photostories and stuff. And the game on Innerstar U is really fun, too. This whole thing is just fabulous!

I love all the cute pink bubbles! The accessories are really adorable also. I could use this in my doll spa. Love it!

This is just super cute.

I LOVE THIS. Since both Lexi and I run cross country, this would be perfect to have. You could wear the jacket with other things, too, like how you get hoodies for school sports. Just awesome.

And last but not least...Isabelle! You already know what I think of her from yesterday's post. She would go to Innerstar U, except she would also attend Anna Hart for ballet. I think I'll have Lexi transfer there if I get Miss Izz.

Hopefully we'll have our photostory tomorrow. Thanks for reading! ;)

Love, Leah

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