Monday, March 24, 2014

Doll of the Month

Hi! Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been crazy busy.
But I'm BACK! And today I' starting a new post series called Doll of the Month. Every month, I'll pick a doll and tell you guys what I think of them, their clothes, sets, etc. I thought Isabelle was a great place to start because she's GOTY 2014.

She is just GORGEOUS!! I still really love the idea of the pink highlights, despite the bad reviews I've heard. Also, I love her meet outfit! The shirt is super adorable. I love the graphic. The pants are a little strange, but would have a lot of mix-and-match potential. The shoes are spectacular. SPRAKLY GOLD OXFORDS PEOPLE. IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.

The jacket is AWESOME! I read over on The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street that dance studios really do have jackets like this, and they put the dancers name on them. So pretty great. The purse is super cute, matches the shoes perfect! Arm warmers are pretty color. (Do you notice that Izzy has a LOT of  warmers? Arm warmers, leg warmers, lots of leggings, lots of jackets.) I like the sparkles on the hair comb, but overall not my favorite. I like the idea of the little school ID, lots of details there! Yay! The bus pass. Um. WHO LETS A NINE YEAR OLD ON A BUS ACROSS TOWN BY HERSELF.

The pants are strange. Looks like she put a skirt on backwards, but the rest is cute. The top could have lots of  mix-and-match potential. The slippers are adorbs, the headband doesn't match but is CUTE! I love the bows on the slippers.

This is really cute! I do think the sequins are weird, but I love everything else. The belt and the shoes are a pretty color and so are the leggings. I love the leggings . And the dress is really pretty by itself also. You could wear a LOT of stuff with it!

Not my favorite. I only really like the pretty skirt and sparkly slippers. Everything else is just okay.

Now onto some of her mix-and-match items!

I think this is really cute. Sporty, but fun.

I really love these! Perfect amount of sequins.

These are cute. Not my favorite, just average. I do like the two shades of pink.

I do not like this. Just the colors are cute, don't like the style. Nope.

I want to like this, but I just don't. Ugh. It's really weird.

This is cute! I might get it for my doll's ballet class.
This is also really pretty, I might get it.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a fun photostory and hopefully my first craft!

Love, Leah


  1. I agree with you on about everything! Do you have Izzy?

    1. No, but I'm trying to save up for her. Thank you so much for reading!! ;)


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