Monday, March 17, 2014

Brand New Blog!!

Hey! So, unless you found my blog recently and read every single post up until the end, like I do, no one is going to see this, but hey, gotta start somewhere, right? ;)

So I'll start my blog by introducing my dolls. I have two, and my sister has one. My sister's doll will be on the doll page and be featured in our photostories and such, because she's a big part of our doll world.

My first doll was Lilly. She's  MAG #13. I got her when I was eight...she plays the piano, loves reading, crafts, and fashion. She's adventurous and pretty good at lots of stuff. Loves to have fun! Also she plays soccer.

My second doll was Lexi. She's MAG #17. I got her when I turned twelve... she plays the clarinet, and loves fashion and shopping. She likes to create new outfits and pretty much adores Isabelle. She also does a little ballet. She loves reading too, and runs cross country.

My sister's doll is Brittany. I'm not quite sure which number she is... I will tell you when I find out. She plays the flute, loves nature and art. And swimming. I think she plays soccer too, like Lilly.

All our dolls have slices of us in them. They're awesome, and I can't wait to tell you guys about their TO-DOLL-Y awesome lives!! So, let the fun begin!

Love, Leah

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