Thursday, April 3, 2014

BEAUTY WEEK: Favorites

Hi! Today I'm going to show you my favorite beauty links on other blogs, and my favorite beauty doll items.

Make doll lipstick
Make a doll cosmetic caddy
Make a doll nail file
Make a doll compact with mirror
Do a fishtail braid
Perfect ponytails
Doll salon and spa
Doll boutique

The spa set from Our Generation is just too adorable. I MEAN LOOK AT IT. THERE'S A FOOT SPA FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD.

I love this salon chair. It's much better then the one in my doll salon....aka a Tupperware container with a scarf over it. Also, the hair dryer is SO MUCH BETTER than the one in the hair salon set. The brush too. BTW, this chair comes in four colors.....
I LOVE the OG bathtub. Comes with nail polish, a loofah, slippers, awesomeness in general....


This is so awesome! I love the teeny magazine, it's perfecto for a spa. I don't know what else to say, the thing is fantabulous.

To go with the salon chair.

I have a very sneaky suspicion that these are much better quality than the OG ones. And the colors are SO cute. I love the little squirty bottle.


Thanks for bearing with me ;). What are your favorite beauty items/crafts?

Stay fabulous!

Love, Leah

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