Monday, April 28, 2014

Cameras and Dolls

Happy Mondee! 

Ok, now we all know that I am in desperate need of a better camera. So I'm asking you for ideas! What camera do you use? Are there any that you recommend? My price range is somewhere from $80-$125. Buy used and save the difference, amirite? I'm currently looking at the Nikon L320. 

Now for the dolls part. You've probably seen other blogs do this-- Name That Doll! I think it's really fun. Here's how it works:
• Every Monday, I'll post the winner of last week's Name That Doll and give you a new doll to name. 
• I can give you any doll to name (GOTY, MAG or HC.) 
• If the doll already has a name, you can't suggest anything close to their original name. (So Marie-Grace can't be Mary-Grace, etc.) 

Are you ready? Here we go!

I think she looks like an Amy. Comment your suggestion below! 

Love, Leah


  1. Celeste, cecilia, carol, sammy, natasha, hazel, april, flora. My blog does it too, check it out!!!

  2. Zoë here from How about Brooke,Aster,Ashley,

  3. I think Rose is the right name =)

    Personally, I use a Canon Rebel T3 that is technically my dads. It's out of your budget, but maybe you can find one used!

    1. I will definitely check that out, your pictures are great!

      Rose is a great name! Oh the suspense...

  4. I have this doll and I named her Gilly. She's so pretty!


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