Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Liebster Award

Hola! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by two of my favorite blogs: AG Doll Play, and Fun with AG Fan.
Here are AG Doll Play's questions:

1. How did you come to start getting into playing or collecting American Girl Dolls?
My grandma bought me my first doll when I was eight, because turning eight is a big deal in my church. I had fun with her, but it wasn't until last summer when my sister got her first doll that I really started getting into doll collecting.
2. What does your collection mostly consist of?
Erm, probably clothes.
3. Does your collection continuously change? Do you sell things and purchase more and do this over and over or do you consistently add?
I add. (though there's a lot of stuff I probably should sell...)
4. Do you share your love of dolls with your friends in real life?
One of my friends really likes AG too, and the rest like to help me out with crafts and such. (Oooh, a mini Icee machine? You should so do that!)
5. How old are your dolss when it comes to how old you imagine them to be?
Probably somewhere in the 12/13/14-ish range.
6. How often do you play with your dolls/collection?
Lots! I do stuff for my blog almost every day, and my sister and I play with our dolls together a lot too.
7. How often do you shop at the American Girl store? Do you anxiously await new releases?
I probably go to the actual store about 3 times a year. I live in Houston, and my relatives live in Seattle, so I actually get to go there pretty often, yay! The rest of the time I just drool over stuff online. And yes, I LOVE new releases!! ;)
8. Do you think playing with or collecting American Girl dolls will diminish as you get older or do you see yourself loving dolls indefinitely?
Forever and ever, amen!
9. Why do you think you love dolls so much?
I honestly don't know.
10. What do you enjoy most about sharing your doll love on your blog, etc?
Probably that other people like my stuff and are willing to read my long rambles.

And now here are Fun with AG Fan's questions:

1.Pizza or Mac & Cheese?
Pizza, unless it's the really creamy delicious mac and cheese.
2: Tablet or book?
3: Shorts or skorts?
Shorts, skorts are akward to me.
4: Orange or Purple?
5: Waterpark or beach?
Oooh, I love both!
6: Kit-Kat or Three Musketeers?
7: What is your favorite movie?
Frozen, Princess Bride, Tangled, Harry Potter
8: Plane or boat?
It depends on the boat.
9: Do you like math?
10: What would you buy with a $500 American Girl gift card?
Ooh, let's see: Isabelle, the snack cart, the track outfit, the mix-and-match collection, a braided head band, the bright highlights set, and some of Isabelle's mix-and match stuff some in store exlusives!
11: Boots or Flops?
Both are equally cute!
Wow, that was fun! Liebster is pretty much over, so if you want this award, you can take it!
Love you guys!!


p.s. Like my new post signature?




  1. Congrats! Great answers.

  2. I love the princess bride. I have never been to an american girl store (gasp) and am so jealous you go about 3 times a year.

    1. It's like the best movie ever, right?! Next time I go to an AG store I will vlog so it'll be like your right there with me!!


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