Sunday, April 20, 2014

So here's the story.

So this 'screen time vacation' is working out a little differently than I thought it would....which means I can post with the Blogger app on my phone! But my phone camera is bad. Like awful. So you won't get any actual posts until May 9, when our screen time vacation is scheduled to end. 

And now for a couple announcements.....
*clears throat*

I'm getting Izzy! Not for a while, because I have to save up my own dollars for her, but I've finally decided to....uh commit to getting her? So ya, I'm really excited. 

And now I need your help. I have two big boxes that are perfect for AG rooms. One is definitely going to be Isabelle and Lilly's room, but I need help deciding what to make the second box into. Possible candidates are: 
* Convenience store/laundromat
* Kitchen/cafeteria
* Ballet studio 
* Classroom

Or if you have any other ideas I will love you forever

Do you realize I am having a dilemma over what to do with a cardboard box? 

Love, Leah 


  1. Maybe you could make a ballet studio for Isabelle!

    1. That's what I was thinking! MyFroggyStuff has a lot of cool ideas.

  2. I love the idea of a classroom

    1. Ya, I was going to print posters to switch out for different know, music notes for band, map for history.....


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