Saturday, May 31, 2014

21 Days of Fabulous Day Two: Just The Basics

Hello people! Lilly here!
These are Lexi and I's basics for a fabulous outfit. So fun, right?

Layering tank tops are a total must. They pretty much double your outfit options!


EEEEEK! Knee socks! We totally need some!!
I'm pretty sure we need these too.


And of course, everyone needs underwear. Look at all those prints! I like #6.

A solid white top is really handy also. Put an infinity scarf over it.......BAM!

So yep! Even the most basic wardrobe pieces can be fabulous! And if they're not, you can always BeDazzle them ;)

Stay tuned for even more fabulosity!



  1. Cute! My dolls need some of that stuff too :D

    1. Yep, we really need to get our Etsy on!


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