Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AGD Time Talent Show Audition 1

Hi everyone! Brittany here. Sooooooo, as some of you may know, AGD Time is having a talent show! So fun! I asked Momma if I could enter, and she said yes! I just took a YouTube cooking class (real gourmet I know) so I  decided to enter my talent as cooking!


Ok, here I am! I'm making chocolate cookies (Lexi's request.) Yum!!
I have to start with the wet ingredients. First is the milk.
Now some olive oil!

It's time for the dry ingredients! Cocoa, yum! It's not actually that good, it was all powdery and bitter. Trust me, I tried some. But it does make other things taste delicious!

Time to add the flour! I somehow miraculously managed to keep my shirt flour-free this time. Usually it's a total mess by the time I'm done baking.

Just a LEETLE bit of baking soda. It makes the cookies rise, you know.

Stir it up......

And put the cookies in the oven!
And now we wait.
And wait.
They're finally done! (okay, it was only ten minutes, but still.)
Hi Brittany! Oooh, cookies!
Hey, those are mine!
So what are these cookies doing here anyway?

It's for the ADG Time talent show. Cool, huh?

Yeah, I so totally want to enter!

*dramatic cliffhanger*

So yeah! That was pretty much my audition. It was really fun!

I'm going to go finish my cookies now.


  1. Thank you for auditioning! Those cookies look good... Great job Brittany!

  2. Cute! Mmm, all that talk about cookies made me hungry :P

    1. Yes, cookies can do that. Dang it, now I want some......


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