Thursday, May 22, 2014


Woohoo! A new release!! I really just really love all the new items.

This is really cute. I wish the shorts had a more abstract pattern though. The tank top is adorable, I love the beading on the top! The flip-flops look nice. I think they would look better in a pink shade, though. As for the flower........I would use that aallll the time! I really like it.
I really really REALLY love this set!! It looks like you can clip the flower onto the hat, which I like. The beach tote looks just like the type of thing you would get as a souvenir on vacation. The bracelet looks like something you could buy at Forever 21, I love it!! And the lip gloss.......
I wear lip gloss ALL THE TIME. I'm SO happy I can get this in doll-size! (I find it funny that AG has to put faux in the description.)
Cute! I like this, it's not my absolute favorite. To tell you the truth it kinda looks like Julie's picnic set, Kanani's food set........even the shave ice is the same! But anyway, it seems like a great beach set. I really love the ombre on the beach chair. That's probably my favorite part.
This was more like a mini-release, but with BeForever and everything we're probably going to have a much more satisfying release in the fall. (or less.....depending on what BeForever brings.)
What do you think?


  1. The outfit is super pretty, I am probably going to buy it soon! The accessories are ok, I think they are expensive for what you get. I like the chair, but I wouldn't really use it, and I agree it looks like other stuff they already released.

    1. Yep!! I'm probably going to buy the accessories soon.


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