Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fabulous Fashion: Summer!!

Hi everyone! It is I, Lexi! I'm posting the very first in a FABULOUS post series, done by me!

This edition of Fabulous Fashion's theme:

SUMMMERTIME of course!

This is my entire outfit. Stupendous, no?
 Bright, comfy, short-sleeved shirts are perfect for summer. They look great with almost anything! Also good for getting a farmer's tan ;). This one is a retired AG in-store tee from Seattle.
Make sure you can still do things in your skirt or shorts. What's the use of looking cute if you can't do it comfortably? This adorable skirt is from the retired AG Riding Outfit. Boy, I really made it hard for you to copy me with all these retired items......
Remember, the outfit's not complete with out a cute hairstyle. Since my hairstyle options are EXTREMELY limited, I usually go with a bow or headband. This bow is one Momma made!

Don't forget to accessorize! I chose a pearl bracelet and my super-awesome star earrings! Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of jewelry. Sometimes the best looks are ones you never even thought of!! (trust me, I know from experience)

And I know you're wondering about shoes...

Well, I didn't wear any! I never really wear shoes in the summer actually, except maybe flip-flops or sandals if we're going somewhere nice.




  1. That's exactly what I wear in the summer, so cute. I love the skirt, do you think you could do a tutorial on how to make one like it? I also love the bow, I wear bows and put bows in my dolls' hair all the time.

    1. Thanks! The skirt tutorial is a really good idea actually, I'll get to work on that. And yes, bows are FANTABULOSO!


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