Monday, May 12, 2014


Hi everyone! So...TONS of new AG stuff has been leaked lately. YAY! I just LOVE new releases. And, oh yes, the BeForever stuff......

This is kinda cool, but I can do that hairstyle on my dolls myself for free. I guess it's for 8 year olds that don't know how to braid.

MAG Hit The Slopes outfit. Now, I live in Houston, so I have NO NEED WHATSOEVER for this. But I still think it's flippin' adorable! That jacket is to die for. And are those pink jeans I see.......?
These are really cute, I love the slippers! Though they do look kinda like the polar bear PJs in a different print.
I think this is either for Isabelle (looks like something she'd wear) orrrr....... MAYBE THE NEW FIFITIES DOLL! The box isn't MAG, and it looks like a fifties outfit.
This is probably one of Rebecca's new dresses. I really like it! The pink color is so pretty. I don't think I'll be getting this, though, because I'd never use it.
Addy's BeForever dress. Pretty!
THIS is pretty cute. It has way more thought put into it than most of Julie's outfits. I really love it!
New AG dog! Overall not my fave, though he's pretty cute. I really hope he's not a food name.
This is probably Caroline's new party dress....which.....I LOVE! It looks just like a princess gown, which I'll need in an upcoming photostory series.......
This is Julie in her new meet outfit! I AM IN LOVE! Again, it has waaaaaaay more thought put into it than her current meet outfit. Her hair comes in the same style, I think.
It's the same one as on her book cover.
If this is the same for all the dolls, the ones who are getting new meet outfits are
  • Samantha
  • Josefina (but only her shawl is different)
  • Kit
  • Rebecca
  • Addy
  • Julie
Who will not be getting new meet outfits:
  • Caroline
  • Kaya
(photo credit: agoverseasfan and Living A Doll's Life)
I am actually pretty excited about BeForever. Now, there is a part of me that's like 'really AG?'. But I am looking forward to it. Yes it's annoying that AG goes and jacks up the system. But.......
This change may be partly for us collectors. I know that there have been tons of blogs posting about the poor historicals, how Isabelle is horrible and a bad influence, how MAG gets designer clothing four times a year and HC is lucky to get something in two years. American Girl is doing something about that. I always kind of thought that HC was kind of random--new doll here, new set there, and the dolls all had differently sized collections. Hopefully BeForever will bring more order (and love) to the historicals.

I DON'T think the stories will change--on the book covers, Julie has a basketball, Caroline is on her ship, etc. I really will be furious if they change the stories. 

I like the name BeForever. It sounds like the doll's history is forever, and that history will forever be in the making. IDK, that's what I think. Hopefully when AG releases BeForever they'll elaborate some more on that name because it is kind of confusing. 

Now I know a lot if people are really, really upset about this. I am upset about parts of it. They are making Kit look rich, they're not trying to fix our NOLA girls. 


  1. Julies new Meet Outfit is ok, I love that pink sweater outfit, and the new Julie outfit is so awesome!

    1. The pink sweater outfit is FABULOUS! I think I'll be buying that, Caroline's party dress, and the new PJs when they come out.

  2. Oh my dollie! I love all the new outfits! Thanks for this x

    1. You're welcome! I love them too!! ♥

  3. In my opinion I don't really like this idea. Kit looks like a six year old and nothing makes sense!

    But I do hate changes soooo yeah.

  4. that's nice and all but I'm 8 and I know how to braid.


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