Saturday, June 7, 2014

What we got at the AGP!

Hi everyone! So, yes, we did go to the AGP yesterday. It was so fun!! I forgot to take any pictures though, except a really awful one of Rebecca. Sorry bout that.

But I wanted to show you what I got!!

The first thing I got was the Flower Sweater & Skirt set. I've had my eye on this for a while, but I wasn't planning on actually getting it. Then we walked into the store and there it was....fabulous. The skirt is by far my favorite piece in the set, it goes with like, everything. And I'm so happy to finally have some red shoes, we had all these red souvenir tees and no shoes to wear with them.....

The other thing I got was Isabelle's Rose Leotard. I was planning on getting this, and I love it! We finally have some more ballet clothes! This looks awesome under the Coral Sweater and also by itself.

And that's it! I know, not much, but I'm trying to save my dollars for Izzy. She is soooo cute in person btw. She looks way better in the store than online.


  1. Cool! I love Isabelle's Leotard. Yesterday I ordered a few things from AG.


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