Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dorm Room Tour

Since my dolls go to Innerstar University, they live in dorm rooms. Lilly's dorm is still in the works, but Lexi and Brittany's (Brittany is my sister's doll) dorm is almost finished!

Here is an overview of the whole dorm. I took the box our trampoline came in, painted it, and added some leftover carpet from when my house was built. Then my sister and I printed some posters off the internet and put them up on the walls. It's not quite done yet--I still need to make a bulletin board and hang up some initial artwork. But it's livable!

Lexi's posters.


Brittany's posters.

On the dresser ( an old jewelry box) we have Lexi's purse, the girl's camera, Lexi's iPhone, a cheerleading flyer, their dorm key, a hairbrush, a hair tie, Altoids and a pair of sunglasses. (Whew!)

Lexi's bed and iPad. I made the iPad and throw pillows, the flowered pillow is from my grandma, and the comforter is a bandana. I thought it would make a cute bedspread. :)

Brittany's bed. The pillow and blanket were made by my other grandma, and the throw pillows were made by my sister.

Lexi's backpack. Inside of it is.....

Her notebook...


The girls laptop...

And her charmkeeper necklace! (Usually the iPad goes in there too)

Lexi's pet, Coconut

Brittany's pet, Licorice, and Brittany's purse.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this dorm tour! :)

Love, Leah



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